The workshop expanded and modernised, with the opening in February 2014 of a new local unit, improving our range.

It is structured in different departments.

CAD-CAM design: We use avant-garde graphic softwares which enable our operators to develop files for CNC machines and automatic LATHES, and perform simulations of the products with “rapid prototyping” technology.
Our machinery allows a proper flexibility and the highest production speed, ideal for sample development and production.

Welding and Specific Cleaning Process are operations performed in-house by extremely qualified personnel.
These productive stages are often coordinated, defined and developed by staff that has studied in art schools and has specialised in the field of Florentine goldsmithing.
Alongside all the aforementioned departments, and in close contact with each other, work the managers of the ‘orders’ and those in charge of the quality control of the production process.

This makes it possible to share their respective professional skills in the continuous pursuit of excellence.
The company also deals directly with the processing and improvement of the molds, or with the procurement of external supplies that are not purely developed or present within our company.

In this regard, we guarantee our clients to be followed by absolutely competent staff, which makes use of leading companies in the sector with which it maintains long-term collaborative relations.

Machine park